Thursday, August 18, 2011

Connecting with Employers Through the Day in the Field and Job Shadow Programs!

As noted in last week’s blog (August 8th), there are many strategies for you to connect with employers, with LinkedIn being an excellent one.

To continue on this theme of connecting with employers, L&S Career Services has two popular programs which enables you to visit employers at their sites and form valuable networking connections and learn important career information to guide your goals.

Day in the Field Program

The Day in the Field Program gives you an opportunity to join a small group of students in visiting an employer within driving distance to UW-Madison. (Transportation is provided by L&S Career Services.) At the Day in the Field, you will learn about the career backgrounds of staff by attending panel presentations and networking sessions.

Tours of the employer are often included, which may feature visits to various offices and units, and a guided overview of what a typical work day is like. You would also have a chance to learn about internship and full-time opportunities available at the employer. The DITF program typically occurs on Fridays throughout the academic year. Please check our website for more details on dates and employers!

Job Shadow Program

The Job Shadow program, which occurs during Winter Break and Spring Break, is a way for you to observe and work more closely with professionals at an employer. In this role, you may be visiting various offices, conducting informational interviews with staff to learn about their career background, attending meetings and events, observing certain job functions of staff members, participating in an office activity or program, and also learning about potential internship and full-time opportunities. What distinguishes the Job Shadow Program from the Day in the Field is that there is often more individual time with staff members, and it may be easier to keep in touch after the shadow day is over. Typically, the job shadow day is a one-day experience, although there may be opportunities to participate for more than one day, based on the availability of the employer. Our office is looking at developing a job shadow module program in which you would be able to visit an employer at a certain time of the academic year. Shadows occur at employers in Wisconsin and also in various geographical regions of the U.S. Please check our website for more details and information about the program as dates for it are posted.