Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What is your New Year's Resolution?

It's about two weeks into 2012. There is always buzz and motivation for new year's resolutions in the month of January. To get to know our office staff a little better, I posed the new year's resolution question to them. Read on to learn about what the L&S Career Services Staff hope to accomplish in 2012.

"Work out at least three times a week."
- Sara Schumacher, Peer Advisor

"Personal: drink more water. Professional: update my LinkedIn profile" -Andrea Lowe, Coordinator of Advising

"Save money on eating out and food in general and learn how to cook/bake healthy food while on a college student budget." -Lauren Foley, Peer Advisor

"My New Year's resolutions:
Eat more caramel apples and pumpkin pie (my two favorite desserts) - they should not be reserved just for the fall season!
Rescue a dog from the humane society.
Walk at least two miles with that dog everyday.
Start working on a ceramics exhibit that came to me in a dream one night . . .
Here is an example of my ceramics. It reflects how I will feel when I'm walking my new dog!"
-Molly Krochalk, Career Counselor

"My resolution for 2012 is to live in the present and enjoy life day-to-day and not worry about what happened in the past or what the future holds."
- Jared LeBlanc, Peer Advisor

"Watch a new movie every month."
-Nicole Velez, Peer Advisor

"To be the MSSC Ping Pong Winter League Champion."
- Amanda Mueller, Career Counselor

"I don't have my own kids, but have a niece who is starting as a freshman at Middleton High School this year. So, my resolution is to attend Middleton High programming and/or Parent/Teacher Organization meetings, as some new ways to get involved!"
- Greg Iaccarino, Career and Internship Advisor

My New Year's Resolution is to drink green tea every day. I keep hearing how good it is for you and I thought it's time I start! - Ashley Overson, Peer Advisor

"My new years resolution is to maintain better control over my email inbox! I want to keep my "unread" email to 1 page." - Stephanie Salazar Kahn, Internship Coordinator

"To finish converting all the old Koko family photos (a project started at Christmas) to digital to share with friends and relatives."
- Marie Koko, Career Counselor

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