Thursday, May 10, 2012

RESULTS: L&S students' views on social media and the job & internship search

In the Spring 2012 semester, L&S Career Services in partnership with a undergraduate senior thesis candidate, sought the opinions of L&S undergrads concerning social media and its value in the the job & internship search.

Here are some preliminary results:

Of 2000 primarily Freshman-Senior respondents (70% female, 30% male)
  • 96% used Facebook
  • 45% used Twitter
  • 22% used Google +
For their job or internship search, only 11% were currently using social media AND LinkedIn dominated the usage results!

54% intended to use it in their future job & internship searches.

Do you believe employers in your area of interest use social media to look for an evaluate applicants? 85% of student respondents believe employers do!

So, what do your peers believe is the value of using social media in the job & internship search?
Getting your name out there
Accessing information quickly

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