Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Going Global: An International Jobs Resource

Would you know what was going on if a group of people applauded you in China? And would you know how to react? According to Going Global, it is traditional in China to clap when a new person is introduced. You should applaud in return.

Helpful tips like this are great if you plan on working abroad, so that you don’t accidentally do something that’s considered incredibly rude. You can’t just go into another country knowing nothing about it and expect to get a job. Companies expect you to have researched their organization, and also to have researched the country and culture.

Career Services sees many students who want to work or volunteer abroad. Going Global is a feature on Buckynet that can help you research opportunities throughout the world.

Going Global is not just a listing that you can search by country, industry, and other keywords, but also a guide to foreign countries. You can find out about average housing costs, transportation, and employment trends.

There’s even a section on cultural advice for each specific country. Going Global tells you how to “act like a local” to avoid making a major faux pas.

The site also tells you about the business style of countries – what to wear, what offices are typically like, how to address people, and how to write professionally.

If you’re considering interning, working, or volunteering abroad, check out Going Global. Its resources will help you find a position, and prepare you for its workplace etiquette.


  1. Thanks for pointing me in a good direction. I am starting my search for international jobs and someone mentioned to research the culture. I never considered that before. I knew to learn the language, however. I will have to check out Going Global later on today. Thanks for the great insight.

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