Thursday, August 9, 2012

Using Twitter to Search for a Job

Most people just use Twitter to follow celebrities, tweet funny moments, and ironically use hashtags (like #crazynight when you stay in knitting and watching a movie. I’m guilty). But Twitter can actually be used for the job search.

One of the most general ways to search is to search “jobs,” “new position,” or “hiring.” This will give you many, many options to weed through, however, as will following a handle like @thejobsguy or @hashjobs. But by doing this general search, you can often find hashtags or handles that relate more directly to your job hunt.

One example would be @jobchicago. If you’re looking to work in the Chicago area, this is a great resource. There are many other geographical handles, and also handles based on the type of work. Try searching your major or the field you’re hoping to work in. I found @JournoJobs for journalism and @PM_HR_Jobs for human resources.

And don't forget to follow @LSCareerService! Our office tweets about interesting opportunities, and much more.

Follow companies or organizations that you’re interested in working for. You never know what might pop up. Follow as many people as you can who work there, too. Employers now are listing jobs on Twitter that never show up anywhere else.

You can also tweet about your job search. Say what you’re looking for, and one of your followers just might be able to connect you with an employer.

But before you try to get a job through Twitter, make sure to recruiter-proof your social media. Don’t post anything that could be seen as discriminatory, harmful or immature. You want to make sure you look professional on Twitter before you start trying to use it to get a job.

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