Monday, February 25, 2013

Internship of the Week: Middle East Institute Leadership Development Internship

Interested in working in D.C.?
Studying a Middle Eastern language or the Middle East Region?

Consider the Leadership Development Internship Program @ the Middle East Institute

The Organization
Founded in 1946, the Middle East Institute (MEI) is the oldest Washington-based institution dedicated solely to the study of the Middle East. Its founders, scholar George Camp Keiser and former US Secretary of State Christian Herter, laid out a simple mandate: “to increase knowledge of the Middle East among the citizens of the United States and to promote a better understanding between the people of these two areas.”

MEI has earned a reputation as an unbiased source of information and analysis on this critical region of the world, a reputation it has meticulously safeguarded since its creation. Today, MEI remains a respected, non-partisan voice in the field of Middle East studies.

The Program:
The Leadership Development Internship Program at the Middle East Institute is designed to provide students or recent graduates considering a career in a Middle East related field with hands-on experience in a Washington-based, nonprofit organization that focuses exclusively on the Middle East. Interns obtain guidance, experience, and exposure to the Washington policy and scholarly community while developing professional skills with interns from all over the world.

The Details:
Location: Washington D.C.
Time Period: Summer 2013
Compensation: Unpaid (see website for further benefit details)
Desired Background: All majors. Preference given to applicants with Middle Eastern language skills
Organization Contact: Charles Berdahl
Organization Website:

**Additional application requirements can be found at**

Application Deadline: March 4, 2013