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Tips to Prepare for the Multicultural Career and Internship Fair & Networking Event!

Get Ready for the Multicultural Career and Internship Fair & Networking Event this week!

If you were not able to attend the Fall Career and Internship Fair on September 15, or you are interested in following up with any employers that you saw at that fair, now is your chance to participate in the upcoming

Multicultural Career and Internship Fair & Networking Event

Tuesday, September 27

5:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Armory & Gymnasium (Red Gym), 716 Langdon Street

You are welcome to stop by at any portion of the event.

The specific schedule is:

5:00 – 6:00 p.m.: Mingle with employers in the MSC Student Lounge on the 2ndFloor of the Red gym. “Coaches” will be available to help you network with employers and make important connections!

6:00 – 8:00 p.m.: Connect with employers hiring for internships and full-time positions in the On Wisconsin Room of the Red Gym.

All UW-Madison students are invited to this event to meet with employers that are committed to a strong and diverse workforce of talented and dedicated individuals. With 30 employers participating, this fair will be smaller than the one earlier this month. Thus, there will be more opportunities to personally connect for a longer period of time the employers that will be participating. This is your chance to learn more about how your interests, experiences and education can fulfill the goals of the employers, whether it be through an internship or full-time job opportunity.

To help you best prepare for this event, we encourage your to follow the below steps! If you have any questions or would like any additional assistance from our office to prepare you, please contact us to set up a career advising appointment or come to our drop-in hours, which are listed on our website:

Good luck and aim for success!

A.) Before the Multicultural Career and Internship Fair & Networking Event

  • Attend the Resume Writing/How to Make the Best Use of the Multicultural Career/Internship Fair & Networking Event Workshop, on Monday September 26 from 5:30 – 6:30 in the Multicultural Student Center Conference Room of the Red Gym. You will learn how to make the most out of your attendance at the career fair, learn effective networking strategies, and craft an outstanding resume!
  • Research the organizations participating in the Fair. Review corporate profiles and employment information. A list of participating organizations is at:

  • Prepare a one-minute “commercial/elevator speech” to: introduce yourself, demonstrate that you know something about the company, express why you’re interested in working for them and how your skills relate to what you know about that organization’s needs.
  • Be prepared with questions to ask employers. Practice out loud!
  • Know the general types of positions in which you have an interest and where you want to go with your career.
  • Have a resume that’s digestible in one minute’s reading by busy employers.
  • Be organized! Prepare a list of employers you want to visit during the Multicultural Career and Internship Fair.

B.) During the Multicultural Career and Internship Fair & Networking Event

  • Business casual attire is suggested. Please look neat and polished. Recruiters will remember you!
  • Make eye contact when introducing yourself to employers. Shake hands firmly and pay close attention to what the representative is saying.
  • Ask questions about the organization and current employment opportunities.
  • Be enthusiastic! Smile and project interest in the employer.
  • Ask representatives for their business cards.
  • Ask how you should best follow up, and who the contact person is.
  • Make notes as you leave each employer you’re interested in. You want to be prepared if you have further contact with a company representative.

C.) After the Multicultural Career and Internship Fair & Networking Event

  • Send a thank you and another copy of your resume to employer representatives of particular interest to you. In your note briefly describe an additional strength of yours that you didn’t get to mention at the fair and restate your interest in interviewing with them.
  • Be prepared to interview with organizations of interest after the Fair. Severalorganizations will conduct on-campus interviews at one of the career services offices on campus during the time period after the fair.


The Multicultural Career and Internship Fair & Networking Event is a great opportunity to talk with employer representatives about their organizations and employment opportunities. Be prepared to ask questions! Don't be uncomfortable approaching the recruiters. They will be eager to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. Here is a list of suggested questions to help you get started:

• What skills or traits do you look for in candidates?

• What is your company’s hiring timeline?

• What are some of the key responsibilities of this job/internship?

• What is a typical career path for someone coming in at my level?

• What kind of training program does your firm have? Formal/Informal? Short term/Long term?

• What is a day like in this position?

• What type of formal education is required for entry-level, mid-level, upper-level, positions?

• Do people filling this type of position work in a structured or non-structured environment?

• How is performance evaluated? How often?

• What degree of task variety would a person see in their first year?

• What opportunities did you take advantage of while you were in college to help you prepare for your job?

• How did you begin your career? If you had anything to do differently, what would you have liked it be?

• How would you describe your job?

• What do you like/dislike most about your job?

• How much client contact do you have?

• How much contact do you have with others inside your firm?

• How much freedom do you have in terms of deciding what you want to work on and how to plan the project? How much does this change with experience?

• What is your company's policy on continuing education? For example, will they reimburse you for classes taken towards higher education?

• Is relocation/travel typically required in this career field?

• Where does your organization have offices within the U.S.? Worldwide?

• How easy/difficult is it to transfer to another location?

• What professional societies or associations should I join?

• Which professional publications in this field should I read?

• What important changes are occurring in your field now? How will they affect the career of someone like me just starting out in your field?

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