Thursday, November 17, 2011

Straight from the employers: Tips on standing out

The October 2011 issue of The Tapestry (Multicultural Student Center Newsletter), written by Rachel Kuo, had a great article with advice on how to stand out to an employer. Read on to get some tips directly from the mouths of recruiters.

Know how to communicate your strengths and experience.

“Make a strong first impression and communicate your values by explaining your choices and processes. It’s impressive when you can walk people through your decisions.” - Paul Taylor, Cooper Bussman

“We look for energy, leadership, outgoing personalities, communication skills and adaptability in potential employees. Don’t be afraid to show yourself off in an interview by telling us your stories of success.” –Kathy Backstrom, Target

Get involved as much as possible.

“Volunteer and service experiences provide graduates with transferrable skill sets in time management, team leadership, data collection, communications and critical thinking.” - Kobena Marcus Collins, CityYear

“You can make yourself more competitive for internships by taking on leadership roles in classroom projects or student organizations.” -Kathy Backstrom, Target

Research the company.

“Tailor your resume for the specific job you’re applying for and be prepared for questions that aren’t just technical-based.” -Joel Harmon, Cargill

Academics are just as important as work experience.

“The key pieces to success are to keep your grades up while also gaining working and leadership experience.” - Ya Yang, General Mills

“Internships are a great way to stand out in the job market, and they provide a real opportunity to combine course work with real job applications.”

Check out some photos of students who took advantage of the networking event prior to the Multicultural Career and Internship Fair last month.

Kuo, Rachel. "Employers Give Some Tips on How to Stand out as a Potential Candidate." Tapestry (Oct. 2011): 5.

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