Thursday, December 1, 2011

Announcing the L&S Career Services Winter Break Job Shadow Program for January 2012!

No plans for winter break?

Looking to explore your career interests and goals?

Wanting to learn more about, and observe, various types of job functions at an employer?

Wanting to build a network with professionals and learn about their career backgrounds and interests?

Interested in possible internship and job opportunities at an employer?

If you have these questions and more, then consider doing a job shadow experience!

You are invited to participate in the Letters and Science Career Services Winter Break 2012 Job Shadow program. Job shadowing will help you with your career exploration, goals and options. This fantastic and unique opportunity will engage and connect you with seasoned professionals and often UW-Madison alumni in many different career paths and from a variety of educational backgrounds.

You may be visiting various offices, conducting informational interviews with staff to learn about their career background, attending meetings and events, observing certain job functions of staff members, participating in an office activity or program, and also learning about potential internship and full-time opportunities. Typically, the job shadow day is a one-day experience, although there may be opportunities to participate for more than one day, based on the availability of the employer.

In summary, there are many key benefits that make the Job Shadow program one of our most successful programs that has attracted a few hundred students over the past two years. Some of the benefits for students and employers include:

Benefits of the Job Shadow Program for Employers

• Fosters and enhances an employer’s connection among the well-rounded and talented students in the College of Letters &Science.

• Provides an opportunity for staff members at an employer to be a resource about their career paths and share insights and a snapshot of what their typical job is like.

• Enables early identification of potential candidates for internships and full-time positions.

Benefits of the Job Shadow Program for Students

Students get a better sense of a typical day at the organization, as well as certain job functions and tasks.

Students have a chance to develop a professional network of individuals.

Students acquire an understanding of the organizational culture and professional etiquette at an employer.

Students learn about the various types of internship and career opportunities available.

The Job Shadow program will occur between January 5 and 20, 2012, during time frames that mutually work for the host employer and the student. Participating employers are from around the U.S. and Wisconsin, and represent a variety of career interests and sectors. Organizations include: American Field Service (AFS), Brunswick Group LLC, Coyote Logistics, Direct Supply, Gateway Middle School, Google, GRAEF, Her Exchange, Kohl’s, LaSalle Investment Management, Madison No Fear Dentistry, Milwaukee Public Library, Starcom Mediavest Group, Summit Commercial Finance Group, and Teach for America.

Student testimonials from past Job Shadow programs include:

“I shadowed at Starcom and it was a wonderful experience. I learned so much about a career I didn't even know existed. The person I shadowed was so down to earth (a recent Wisconsin grad). She introduced me to friends who had different positions and responsibilities, so I had a conceptual as well as physical tour of the company. I don't know how the shadow could have gone smoother or been more beneficial. I loved how they kept two shadowers together, so it was a little less intimidating and easier to keep conversation flowing. From this experience, I keep think­ing how beneficial more job shadows would have been. I guess it's never too late. Thank you again for providing this exceptional learning experience.”

“The program was really helpful because I am graduating in just a few short months and it gave me a glimpse into possible future careers.”

“I enjoyed this program because it gave me a chance to get a good look at the duties and responsibilities from professionals. I received direct feedback about their jobs and valuable advice. I thoroughly benefited from my job shadow at Direct Supply in Milwaukee. They were very welcoming and informative.

If you are interested in participating in the Winter Break 2012 Job Shadow program, and would like more information, including detailed descriptions of the opportunities available at the employers, please contact Greg Iaccarino, Career and Internship Advisor, at to fill out an interest survey for placement within the program.

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