Thursday, September 6, 2012

Getting to Know Your Career Advisors

Each of our career advisors has different experiences and a different background.  Find out more about them and then make an appointment!  Remember, all our advisors are qualified to help you, no matter what your major or career plan is.

Maureen Muldoon
-           Before becoming a career counselor…Maureen was a member of AmeriCorps and an assistant language teacher in Hokkaido, Japan.
-           Fun fact: Maureen studied in Ecuador and Spain, which she says broadened her life-long interests in different cultures, religions, arts and languages.
-           Advising areas of expertise: AmeriCorps, the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET), teaching abroad, and careers in the sciences

Marie Koko
-           Before becoming a career counselor…Marie worked in logistics and residential property management.
-           Fun fact: Marie traveled all over Europe one year before the Soviet Union crumbled, and has been to more foreign countries than U.S. states.
-           Advising areas of expertise: careers in public service, especially federal government and nonprofits, and finding the perfect resource (both Internet and print) to fit each student’s needs

Molly Krochalk
-           Before becoming a career counselor…Molly worked as an organic farm assistant, food cooperative manager, independent artist and co-gallery owner, and a healthcare assistant, interpreter, and outreach worker. 
-           Fun fact: Molly earned a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship to live in New Zealand for a year, where she fulfilled her lifetime dream of studying ceramic art. 
-           Advising areas of expertise: career exploration and career assessment, graduate students, answering questions about working and volunteering internationally, and helping students figure out how to use Spanish and other languages in the job market.

Nell Weatherwax
-           Before becoming a career counselor…Nell advised fine arts students as an academic advisor at Indiana University and worked as a corporate trainer with Corprov, teaching corporate executives theater improvisation skills to improve their teamwork and management.
-           Fun fact: Nell is a performer specializing in entirely improvised one-woman story shows and workshops. She loves to teach adults how to have fun rediscovering creative play through the creative use of words and movement.
-           Advising areas of expertise: career advising for the creative and unconventional personality type


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