Monday, August 12, 2013

Internship of the Week: XenoGen Biosystems Intern

The Organization:
XenoGen Biosystems is a local, bioscience start-up that makes data unification systems and informatics for the life sciences. The software solutions allow clients to access their data and process their workflows wherever the data make reside: in Excel spreadsheets, proprietary databases, or public databases. Their primarily clients are life science organizations, often focused on DNA or protein biomarker discovery.

The Position:
XenoGen is currently in need of a website overhaul. The current website is developed in HTML5 standards and needs to remain so. The organization is seeking a web developer with graphic arts skills who can help build the website.

Please include the URL to any example websites that you have developed.

Qualification Desired
-Expertise using web languages such as PHP
-Experience developing web applications
-Graphic artists with limited HTML are welcome to apply

The Details:
Courtesy of:

Location: Madison, WI
Time Period: Fall 2013
Compensation: Not specified
Desired Background: All majors; preferably seniors
Organization Contact: Ryan Brown
BuckyNet ID: 64562

Application Deadline: August 23, 2013

**Additional application details & requirements can be found on BuckyNet**