Monday, September 9, 2013

Internship of the Week: Development & Communication Intern @ Project Vote Smart

The Organization:
In a very real sense the need for Project Vote Smart was born in the 1787 Constitutional Convention. Unbridled power, "factions" that might deform their vision and an informed people were our Founding Fathers’ paramount concerns.

Had they also been able to witness the great fortune of their design they would be pleased. However, had they also been able to witness the future ability of "factions" to torture truth, influence the structure and purpose of their creation by effectively frustrating the people's ability to be informed, they clearly would have created Vote Smart or something very much like it.

It was through this awareness by political leaders of both parties (Ford, Carter, Goldwater, McGovern, Frenzel, Leach, Ferraro, Proxmire, Hatfield etc.) and members of groups like the League of Women Voters, Common Cause and the American Taxpayers Union, along with third party leaders like the Libertarian, Green and Natural Law Parties and their concerns about the changing character and conduct of politicians and campaigns that Project Vote Smart was born.

The Position:
The Project Vote Smart National Internship Program provides a unique lesson in the study of American politics. Students from across the nation and around the world come to our high tech research center in the Montana Rockies for ten weeks to help American citizens educate themselves about elected officials and candidates. By providing this information in an easy and accessible manner, Project Vote Smart believes that citizens can better defend themselves from the political hype and misrepresentation characteristic of present day political campaigns.

Project Vote Smart is looking for interns with skills and interests that can be put to work in their Communications and Development department.

Responsibilities will include: 
1.Maintaining contact information for national and statewide media
2.Contacting news organizations regarding news releases
3.Assisting with the writing and editing of external communications
4.Researching and assisting with new outreach/public relation campaigns
5.Creating content for the organization on Facebook and Twitter.
In addition, those with graphic design experience, both web and print, are strongly encouraged to apply.

Qualifications Desired-
The overriding qualification for securing an internship position is your willingness to commit 100% to the Project's goals and mission.  In addition, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Must be able to set aside political beliefs and be objective and non-partisan while working
2. Must be in good standing with your university/school, as current student or alum
3. Must be able to commit to a minimum of 10 consecutive weeks
4. Lastly, please remember that our research facility is located in an extraordinarily beautiful but remote area. You will be expected to maintain the facility.

The Details:
Location: Philipsburg, Montana
Time Period: 10 weeks (variable start)
Compensation: Free room & board; unpaid
Desired Background: All majors
Organization Contact: Jim Harrold
Organization Website:
BuckyNet ID: 58927

Application Deadline: October 10, 2013

**Additional application details & requirements can be found on BuckyNet**